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Service Providers using the Advanced Implementation will provide their own IdP discovery.  This section outlines guidelines and best practices for creating a streamlined and consistent experience. See User Research Insightsfor a summary of the user research conducted and compiled as part of the RA21 initiative.

Opportunities for Customization

Service providers have the opportunity to incorporate local metadata or integrate multiple authentication models (such as local accounts) in their IdP discovery experiences.   For example, a SP can present a single field for institutional look up but then offer UI elements appropriate to the preferred authentication method for that institution (e.g. present username and password fields or show a confirmation message about token use).  Those doing so are encouraged to follow the best practices for IdP discovery outlined below


  1. Institution Search 

  2. Search Results

  3. Notice and Consent 

  4. Displaying Remembered Institutions

  5. Editing or Deleting Remembered Institutions 

  6. Identity Provider Discovery Error Handling


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