Advanced Integration

For the “Advanced” flavor, you will implement:

  • Download and edit the Seamless Access Discovery service software - you will use this set of clients to configure both persistence and discovery services for your custom service

  • Use the Seamless Access API - Use these clients to interact with the persistence service when using your own discovery service.

The “Advanced” integration is significantly more complicated than the other implementations, and should only be used if you are unable to achieve your discovery and/or UX experiences otherwise.

Request production access for your implementation

Before your advanced flavor implementation can go live, you will need to register your service domains to be included in our list of production implementations. Your user experience will need to have been reviewed before moving to production, so, be sure that you have allowed enough time for this process.

By using our service, you will be committing to our Terms of Service. Please make sure to read that before you go live!






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