Limited Integration

For the “Limited” flavor, you will implement:

The simplest implementation of the service is to link to the SeamlessAccess Central Discovery service from your service provider page by adding the static version of the Access button or by redirecting an existing access link.

Static Button

Follow the Button Guidelines to add a stylized link to the Central Discovery Service.

If you have no ability to customize the styling or presentation, you can redirect an existing link, such as a log-in button, to the SeamlessAccess central discovery service. If you can customize the link text, use “Access through your institution.”

The Expected User Experience in the “Limited” Flavor

  • Users recognize and click on the “Access through your institution” button or link on the SP site.

  • Users are taken to the Central Discovery Service.

  • Users are given an option not to record their choice of IdP in their browser.

  • Users will search for and select the institution that provides them a federated identity. That institution is remembered for the subsequent uses (with permission).

  • Users are taken to their familiar institutional login page, authenticate as they normally do, and are then taken to the full version of the SP content (if that content is provided by their chosen institution).

Future or Return Visits

  • On subsequent clicks of “Access Through Your Institution”, users will see a screen asking them to confirm the remembered institution.

Additional Considerations

  • Only choose the limited flavor if the system you are integrating with doesn’t allow the standard flavor to be implemented (as the case with many wiki platforms).

  • Understand the End-User Data Flow – Understand where the data is coming and going to inform your implementation design. See Additional Resources for sample End-User Data Flows.



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