Seamless Access aspires to be WCAG 2.1 AA compliant, with its standard integration.

We provide guidelines to help advanced integrators to be accessible:

  • Keyboard friendly; allowing users to navigate using their keyboard (logical tab orders, focus on dialogs).

  • Zoom friendly; allowing users with impaired vision to be able to magnify content.

  • Appropriate contrast; ensuring a contrast ratio of 4.5:1 is applied to all text, and 3:1 to all headers.

  • Screen reader friendly; allowing users with assistive technology to use Seamless Access, where all visual cues are also announced and additional guidance is provided.

We welcome any improvements to the accessibility of Seamless Access. If you find any problems not listed on this documentation sites or think we’re not meeting accessibility requirements, please raise a ticket on Github - Thiss-js



The call to action button on service provider pages should be implemented using standard web technology that allows communication with assistive technology. Specifically:

  • Button label and text should be available to screen readers and have high color contrast.

  • Users must be able to navigate to and activate the button using only a keyboard.

  • The button should be placed in a logical location; assistive technology users should be able to reach the button with a logical sequence of steps.

Color contrast between text and graphics should pass a minimum of AA compliance to make the button visually accessible for the widest possible user audience. Use ’s tool to test text and graphic color contrast.

For detailed recommendations see


The search form to find institutions should guide the user to quickly enter sufficient keywords to allow finding the right institution.

  • The search form help text should be announced to users.

  • The form elements should be keyboard friendly.

  • The loading of results should be announced to assistive technologies.

For detailed recommendations see


The results list should enable users to quickly deduce from the list which one is the institution they are looking for.

  • The number of results should be announced to assistive technologies.

  • The selected institution should be clearly indicated (more than just color).

  • The result list should be keyboard friendly.

For detailed recommendations see .






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