Displaying and Editing Remembered Institutions

Standard and Advanced Implementations:

  • Always display the “Add or change institution” link with the pencil icon when the button name shows an institution

  • Clicking on this link should take users to the Seamless Access central IdP discovery service “Choose your Institution page” where they may select, add or edit their remembered institutions.

Displaying Remembered Institutions


  • Display institution names with institution icons if available.

  • When IdP institution is known for a user coming to the IdP discovery service, display that institution name (with relevant metadata as shown) and ask the user to confirm using that institution or choose another institution.



Editing or Removing Remembered Institutions

With the Dynamic access button, users also have the option to remove a remembered institution or to use more than one institution. This is useful for users with multiple or changing affiliations.



Accessibility Considerations

  • Assistive technology needs to be aware of the actions users can take on a given listing. Information that is shown on hover and/or on focus should be announced.



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