Welcome to the Implementation Documentation for SeamlessAccess!

On the following pages, you will find information on the different levels of integration available to service providers, specific guidance on how to display and configure the Call to Action (CTA) Button, findings on the User Experience research that led to this guidance, and more.

If you are looking for more general information on what SeamlessAccess is and where it fits in the federated identity ecosystem, please go to our main website at


If you are interested in diving into the details of the code base, or if you are working through the Advanced Integration model, the sourcecode can be found on GitHub: TheIdentitySelector. Important repositories include the following:

  • thiss-js: The discovery service including a Dockerfile for running as a standalone service. Built using thiss-ds-js and thiss-jquery-plugin.

  • thiss-ds-js: A set of clients for the discovery service. Can be used to implement a DS connected to a central persistence service. This is the low-level API to a thiss-js instance.

  • this-mdq: An implementation of the metadata query protocol (MDQ) for JSON metadata only. Only go here if you are running a standalone instance of thiss-js and or similar isn’t fast enough.

API documentation, release notes, and other developer-oriented documentation is available on Read the Docs. >>


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