IdP discovery search interfaces should follow these recommendations when displaying the results of institution searches.

  • Display institutional name

  • Display institution domain, in addition to the institution name, to show users that they will be taken to a different site.

  • Institutional icons should only be shown if the do not impact performance.
    Note: Search results without icons tested effectively and users were able to find their institutions.


  • Limit the number of search results to the initial set. If there are more results, the user can find them through infinite scrolling. A technique that loads in more results, as the user scrolls towards the bottom.

  • If the number of matches from type ahead is too large to have reasonable confidence of a relevant match displaying near the top of the list (e.g., greater than 10),  prompt users to type more characters before displaying the matches. But also give them a way to view the list anyway  (Link to error handing section or put details here? 



Handling long institution names in the results display

Long names should be truncated to fit the available width of the IdP discovery service results panel. 


Accessibility Notes for listing Search Results

Follow overall principles for Seamless Access Accessibility.

For institution search results:

  • Assistive technology needs to be made aware that results have been found and guide the user to go to the results (aria-live)

  • Each result should be accessible by providing:

    • Clear indication that result can be pressed.

    • Visual cues (e.g. iconography/underline) beyond just color that result can be pressed.

    • Legible character length

  • Announce the number of results found.

  • If you limit the number of items shown in the viewport (e.g view more button), clearly indicate how to view more results and ensure this method is announced to assistive technologies.

  • Truncate long names to allow for quick navigation through the available options.


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